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Feira 11.07.21: Three Hearts (DE/EN)

  • Christina Wunderlich – Zingaro
  • Ana Rita – Jaguar
  • Carlos Conceição -Jet Set
  • Martina Duschl – Gandhi
  • Nadja Krumbiegel – Bacano
  • Anna Fiedler – Grifo
  • Dr. Birgit Schock – Destino
  • Bernardo Nota Luis – Tourinha

Accompanying translation (EN)

min 11: What the first steps look like. We let the horse smell the bull. Of course, Bacano is an experienced horse that has seen many bullfights and arenas. He is 15 years old and still has crystal clear legs. In the Three Hearts Process we only ride walk and canter. The riders always focus the bull (the danger or the prey). Both sides of the bull are presented to the horse. We then ride straight towards the bull and back away again. Bernardo now needs a lot of energy because leading the Tourinha is very exhausting. If you want to know how well your horse was ridden, bring your horse to the Three Hearts Process in Waal.

min 17:20: Imagine the horse is now one step further. We never ever pull the inner rein as the horses immediately lose their balance. Suppose we had faced this bull 3,000 years ago. Then we must never lose sight of him.

min 20:10: Lusitanos are bred for this work. Grifo has a high share of warm blood lines in his breed. We cannot compare warm-blooded horses or modern sport horses to Lusitanos. It is harder for him to deal with this work. The rider has to deal with the situations. The Three Hearts Process reveals it all.

min 25:40: Martina with Ghandi (never ran a bullfight). These horses are bred for this, the horse evades the danger but does not simply run away.

min 30:30: Carlos. The shape of riding is given. The heart of the rider, of the horse and that of the bull form a triangle. It’s an art between balance and trust. Riding this has a purpose and a high challenge.

min 35:50: Another bullfighting discipline.

min 37:15: Ana Rita shows the high demands.

min 40: Working together in canter.

min 42: Interview with Manuel. Ms. Sonntag: All of our horses were at the Tourinha. The warmbloods also benefit from this training. Of course, Manuel doesn’t want to implement bullfighting in Germany. But the culture associated with it and the memory of people’s culture is important. Riding in that spirit is important and a gift.