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Risky Business – ein neuer Sattel der Sattlerei Kriemhild Morgenroth (DE/EN)

November 2020

Risky Business bekommt einen neuen Sattel der Sattlerei Kriemhild Morgenroth.


Risky Business – a new saddle from the saddlery Kriemhild Morgenroth (EN)

Kriemhild explains the new saddle for Risky Business. A lot of Reha horses have special requirements to their saddle and other tack. That’s why Kriemhild uses a full-adjusted saddle in this case. This means that the gullet plate and saddle tree are fully adapted to the horse and not „off the shelf“. The main goal is to provide the horse with a 100% fitting saddle, but the seat, angle and other things can also be adjusted for the rider.

Still also a full adjusted saddle has to be checked and re-adjusted from time to time. When Kriemhild met Risky the first time he was unbelievable sensitive in his back. She even couldn’t almost touch him, but the muscles have developed and regained strength. She is very happy with this evolution.